A day in Nancy’s life

Posted on March 12, 2014


Not that my life is that interesting, but I thought you all might enjoying spending the day with me.

430 am clock
1. Wake up.

Yes, you read that correctly, it’s 4:30 am. I guess you could say that I’m most definitely a morning person!

nancy breakfast
2. Eat a (healthy) breakfast.

I need lots of fuel to get me going since I then proceed to some tough workout routines after this. My morning meal consists of:

Oat bran + agave syrup + blueberries + raspberries
1 free range egg + egg beaters + kale + salsa + mushrooms
Coffee – can’t do without my coffee!

nancy workout space
3. Workout!

Currently, I’m on a barre craze. Barre is a combination of ballet, yoga and core moves. My absolute favorite workout, Physique 57, is playing on the TV. In a word – OUCH! It would be nice to see yours truly flitting about like a ballerina, but that will not happen, so you all will just have to imagine it.

bagels best
4. Go out to coffee with Mom.

I wanted to show a picture of me and my Mom here, but my Mom hates to have her picture taken. So much so that, she threatened to disown me if I showed a picture of her. So you’ll have to be content with a rendering of the bagel place where we go for coffee. We’ve been going there for years and they always have our coffee and bagels ready for us when we arrive.

nancy at new computer
5. Get to work.

Here is yours truly, hard at work. Well, I just might be perusing the Internet, in search of new workouts, but that will be our secret.

peanut of jessica smith fame
6. Afternoon stretch.

If you’ve read my other posts, you know that I’m partial to Miss Peanut, of Jessica Smith fame. Jessica Smith has wide variety of fun workouts on YouTube. Oh, and did I mention that they are free. Best of all they include the adorable Miss Peanut, the famous French Bull Dog.

spiral series
7. Relax.

Our latest indulgence is watching the Netflix downloads. We are currently watching a series called, “Spiral,” which is detective series based in Paris. They speak French (of course), so there are subtitles. By the end of this series, which is 40 episodes, my goal is to understand the French without having to read the subtitles. (I had 10 years of French in school and was pretty fluent in it, back in the day.) Slowly it is coming back to me.

800 pm clock
8. Bedtime.

Yep, that’s 8 pm, when one gets up at 4:30 and needs a lot of sleep, that’s what one has to do.

So what about you? I’d love to hear how you spend your day.

Personal photos, e.g. my workout room and me at the computer, are courtesy of Mr. Ken, photographer extraordinaire.