Snow day!

Posted on January 8, 2014


snow day
Here’s what we woke up to the other day. Plus, it was about 10 degrees Farenheit (-12 Celsius).

I feel like a kid again. As much as I loved school, I loved having a snow day so I could stay home and play. We just had a two day winter storm that dumped over a foot of snow.

kauai waterfall
I decided to take a little trip with my mind and did a Shiva Rea workout that was filmed under a waterfall in beautiful Kauai, Hawaii.

cross stitch for snow day
Today was also a good day to start those projects I had been putting off. Time for some cross-stitch. Hanging up my cross-stitch Santa reminded me of how much I love to cross-stitch. Even though I have to concentrate, it is very relaxing since I have to use my mind in a different way.

pretzel m & m
Oops, no comment on the pretzel M & M’s. I told myself that when it’s so cold, you burn extra calories. Never mind that I didn’t go outside. . .

So my lessons learned from this unexpected event:

1. Find the wonder.

I could have been cranky and upset about the snow. But why? I have no control over the weather. I chose to remember my childhood and the sense of fun I felt when I was snowed in. Same situation, but a different mindset makes all the difference in the world.

2. Make the most of the day.

I love having to re-arrange my schedule. It creates new neural pathways in my brain and makes me more creative.

3. Take some time to breathe.

We are always hurrying and scurrying around and thinking about all the stuff we have to do. When we are forced to STOP, it can be an eye opener.

What about you? What would you do on a snow day?

Snow day and cross stitch photos were taken by the famous Cranky Ken!