Letting go of all or nothing

Posted on December 18, 2013


all or nothing
It’s amazing the perspective you gain when you get older. At least that’s one positive thing about getting older! I have found that I have totally changed my view of the world from all or nothing to shades in between. I suppose the this all or nothing was necessary while I was attending a very challenging graduate school program and while I was climbing the corporate ladder. This isn’t the case any more.

This point was brought home to me with my exercise. I used to think that if I wasn’t exercising intensely and gasping for air, then it didn’t count as exercise. Sure, it’s great to challenge oneself, but not all the time. Intellectually I knew that rest days and easier days were good for me, but I never enjoyed them. That is until recently. I think it has something to do with why I exercise. It’s not to look good; it’s to be healthy, strong and happy. Surprisingly, a walking routine, tai chi or yoga make me feel strong, healthy and happy! I look forward to my rest days now. After my workouts, I have lots of energy for the rest of the day, instead of being tired and hungry.

So my lesson learned from all of this:

1. It’s not all or nothing.

It can be something in between.

2. Constantly re-examine why you are doing something.

Your reasons and your goals may have changed. Thus, so should your actions.

3. Be in the moment.

I have to keep reminding myself of this one, since I tend to live in the future. I’m always thinking of what I have to do next. I need to stop, take a deep breath and focus on the present moment.

Black and white swan photo is courtesy of Pterjan’s Flickr Photostream, under Creative Commons Licensing.