Point, click and oops

Posted on October 2, 2013


point click and oops
The Internet allows us to do everything faster, which can be a good and a bad thing. I’m honored to be part of Amazon.com’s Vine, which is a program for top reviewers to write about new books and products. I get lots of cool, free stuff and all I have to do is write a review about what I get. I love to write, so what’s not to like about this. It’s great to get the newest books, but even better to get free exercise stuff and electronics. The only bad thing about the electronics is that everyone wants these, so when the Vine newsletter comes out, you have to be pretty quick with your mouse.

The latest Vine newsletter was awesome – should I get the Bluetooth? the Fit Bit that syncs with a smartphone? Or a back-up hard drive? Well, since my little TracFone doesn’t work with Bluetooth and is the farthest thing from a smartphone, I had to choose the hard drive. At least I know what a hard drive is, although I have no clue how to use one for back up. (For those non-technical folks, Bluetooth is a wireless technology that is used with cell phones. Fit Bit is a nifty little gadget that tracks your steps, calories burned and food consumed.)

Enter my dear husband, who is a geek. I keep asking him where is his pocket protector. He couldn’t believe that I got such a product for free. As if I would tell a little lie about something like that; it’s not as though I ordered some new clothes or some new exercise DVDs.

I breathed a sigh of relief when the hard drive arrived. It wasn’t something weird that could only be used with Apple products or anything.

How many times do we do something or choose something without much thought, just because it’s there? I didn’t have to choose any products, but I wanted to choose something because it was free. Mmmm, maybe next time I will put more thought in to my actions.

So, have you ever had a point, click and oops?