Another warning about fake guest bloggers

Posted on August 8, 2012


warning about spam guest bloggersI just had to write this post today and get the word out about another spam guest blogger.

Here’s what I received this morning:

Name: Jerson

I came to see your site A lot of your
posts are interesting and informative with something new to give. If you want I
can write a post for your site as well. My client is looking for sites where we
could post our quality articles as part of our program. I’m wondering if you’re
open to this? Inform me if you want to publish our article to your site with an
outbound link going to our website here please. –  [website url redacted] – I won’t give
this spammer the satisfaction of providing a link back to the spam website. Suffice it
to say that it was Monitor Beacon]

I can also create custom articles for topics you want in particular. Please
include the topic, title (optional) and keyword.


Several red flags went up for me:

1. The email address makes no sense.

2. A real business would have the email url the same
as the business url.

3.  English is obviously not Jerson’s first language.

4.  Why is he referencing my blog url when this is how he contacted me?

5. The Monitor Beacon website is a spam ad for AT&T. Enough said.

So my message to all of you is:

1. Be on the lookout for offers like this – they are nothing but pure spam!

2. If you get a request for guest blogging, check out the website. Also do
a Google search get more information on them.

Have you received any messages like this lately? Please do other bloggers a favor and spread the word about it!

P.S. For more information about these scams, check out my earlier post:
Beware of guest bloggers.

Photo is courtesy of Dok1’s Flickr Photstream, under Creative Commons Licensing.