Lessons learned from the Super Bowl

Posted on February 9, 2012


lessons learned from the super bowl

Now that the excitement has died down from the Super Bowl, we can reflect on what happened. Even though I live in Boston, I am not a football fan. I still don’t understand the appeal of very large men jumping on top of each other. Of course, if I were to get paid millions of dollars of year to do that, I might see it differently.

Yes I watched the Super Bowl, but mainly for the ads and secondarily because the New England Patriots were playing.

All business people can learn valuable lessons from the Super Bowl. I’m not just talking about marketing either.

How the Super Bowl can make you a better business person:

1. Understand popular trends and use them in your business communications.

I don’t have a clue about the football plays. My only experience was that of being a junior high school cheerleader and doing our favorite, “1st and ten do it again!” cheer, we even did it when the opposing team got a first down.

I knew that the Super Bowl would be the main topic of conversation this week. As I am out and about at my networking and project meetings, I wanted to be able to talk somewhat intelligently about Sunday’s game.

2. Have clear goals.

My goals for watching the Super Bowl were simple: a. to watch the ads b. to watch the New England Patriots.  Knowing my goals made watching the game more interesting.

In business it is also critical to have clear goals.

3. Stay determined.

This game was a close one and even though the Patriots didn’t play their best game, they didn’t give up. How many games have been won in the last few minutes of a game?

Succeeding in today’s business world is hard.  Persistence can pay off.

What lessons have you learned from popular trends?

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