Celebrate the end of summer – and enhance your career

Posted on September 1, 2011


celebrate summer and enhance careerAs summer draws to a close, are you sad? Or, are you looking forward to the fall? I had an awesome summer with the best kayaking ever. The end of summer means winter is not far behind. I sure miss kayaking in the winter.

I also love the fall, it’s my favorite time of year in New England. So, I’m not too sad that summer is almost over.

Here’s how I’m celebrating the end of summer and enhancing my career at the same time:

1. Savour every moment.

Yoga teaches us to live in the moment. Sure, it’s important to have goals and to think ahead. Too much thinking ahead is not good. My 20’s and my 30’s are a blur. I was so focused on the future, I forgot to enjoy the present. As I grow older and wiser, I’ve learned to enjoy today.

When I’m out kayaking, I’m totally in the moment. Enjoying the water, the sunshine, the birds and everything else in nature. When I return, I feel so energized, yet relaxed. When I’m in this state of mind, I’m much more creative, as well as resilient.

2. Plan new activities.

It’s back to job searching and networking. I’m so fortunate to live in Boston, where there are lots of conferences and networking activities. I’ve been diligently researching these and have several events lined up for the fall.

I’m also planning fun activities – I’m going to start biking again. My ankle is not healing very quicky, so a lot of walking and running is out. Cathe Freidrich is coming out with some new, low impact exercise DVDs. These should be out in mid-September. Thus, I have lots of exercise stuff to look forward to.

3. Set up new goals.

I’m giving a lot of thought to my short term goals. I’ve had a such a relaxing summer, that I’m coming into the fall renewed and refreshed. I’m ready to take on the world!

What about you? What are you doing to celebrate the end of summer?

Photo courtesy of adwriter’s Flickr Photostream, under Creative Commons Licensing.

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