Why you need a vacation from Social Media

Posted on July 21, 2010


Take a break from social media



It’s summer, so ignore your iPhone! Turn away from Twitter! Close your computer! Summer means vacation, so why not take a vacation from social media?

Here are four good reasons why you should:

1. Changing your routine boosts creativity.
When you change how you do something, new neural pathways are created in your brain. This enhances creativity.

2. Face-to-face conversations foster closer connections.
Most people today are hunched over their laptops or cell phones and not making eye contact with any human beings. Sure they may be having online conversations, but for a change make a ‘real’ connection.

3. Being active, instead of sitting all day boosts your brain power.
I’m an exercise fanatic and even I fall into the trap of spending way too much time sitting in front of a computer. With the nice weather, get outside. Take a walk, sit in a park. And, do this without your phone or computer! Exercise increases blood flow to the brain and this boosts creativity too. My best ideas come to me when I’m out kayaking.

4. You will have new experiences to share.
By being more aware of what and who is around you, you may just have some new experiences. Reporting on these will be much more interesting to your online friends than the same-old, same-old.

I recommend at least a week away from Social Media. If the thought of that gives you heart palpitations, then try doing without social media for a few days.