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The Internet – too much of a good thing

August 15, 2012


Knowledge is power and making an informed decision requires information. That’s what the Internet is for, right? I agree, with some reservations. I have been having lots of pain in my right hip and it’s getting worse, not better. This is in spite of resting it, which has been driving me crazy, since I love […]

Unexpected benefits of blogging

August 2, 2012


Why blog? For me, the reasons are many: to improve my writing, to create an effective online presence, to learn more about technology, to add structure to my life. And the list goes on. Blogging is also about connecting with others. This came true for me in a very special way recently when I reconnected […]

7 tips for effective calls to action

July 26, 2012

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If you want to use your blog for lead generation, you must have a relevant call to action. A call to action is something that causes the reader to act. I recently had the pleasure of hearing David Wells speak at WordCamp Boston 2012. David is a Marketing, Web Development and Social Media consultant. His […]

3 big marketing mistakes and how to fix them

July 19, 2012


Popular advice in social media is to “fail fast, try again and fail forward.” I take issue with this statement. First impressions count and if you’ve made a bad first impression, it’s very hard to correct that. Some recent marketing mistakes brought this home to me. Here are 3 big marketing mistakes that you should […]

WordCamp NYC 2012 – an excellent adventure

June 15, 2012


What happens when you combine WordCamp with New York City? An excellent adventure! WordCamp NYC 2012 came back after an 18 month hiatus. The fun took place June 9 – 10 at Baruch College. This WordCamp was blast for so many reasons. Not only did I learn some new blogging tips at WordCamp NYC 2012, […]

Why I don’t like Google plus

May 17, 2012


I started out to write a blog post about “How to Use Google +” but I got sidetracked. As a person who loves technology and who wants to stay current with the latest trends, I dutifully signed up for Google + when it was still in its beta stage. I then promptly forgot about it. […]

4 Reasons to love Facebook ads

May 9, 2012


**SPOILER ALERT**This post is not going to be about how and why companies should embrace Facebook ads. It’s written from the perspective of the target audience (me). I know that ads are a ‘necessary evil,’ especially on free websites. I hate ads! They are annoying, irrelevant and in my face. That’s why I use Firefox […]

How to use online review sites

April 4, 2012

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I recently attended a fascinating session about the importance of online review sites. This session was given by Francis Skipper and Halley Sheffield of 451 Marketing, a public relations, social media marketing and search marketing agency. The information they presented was so helpful, I just had to blog about it. Why are online review sites […]

How to build better online communities

April 27, 2011


Social media is all about community. Even though most of us are glued to our iPhones and Blackberries, we are doing this so that we can be connected to other people. I say, “what about looking up from these devices and having a face-to-face conversation instead?” Alas, that’s a topic for another blog post. This […]

Create your personal brand: 7 tips

April 6, 2011


Wouldn’t it be nice if all you had to do to create your unique personal brand was to follow a check list? While it is helpful to have a checklist, the power of creating your brand comes from really thinking about what you do and what makes you unique. Self-knowledge is key for this. You […]