By a burbling brook

Posted on August 3, 2022


We took another trip to Dorset for hiking at Cutler Memorial Trail. Once again, we missed the trail sign and continued on the road. Hah, we were so far into the wilds of Vermont that even GPS didn’t have the roads. No worries though, we drove by some very scenic farms and saw lots of cows.

Eventually we turned around and found the trail. This truly was an “easy” hike. It was pure heaven since it went by a stream. I could have stayed in there all day and listened to the relaxing sound of the brook.

ken by dorset stream

To top off this day, we had a lunch at Dorset Union General Store. Talk about a trip back in time!

What relaxing adventures have you had recently?

P.S. On a side note, here is a picture of the Gettysburg Quarry, which we visited on the first day of our vacation. You can read about this adventure, View from the top.

gettysburg quarry
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