Reasons to get up in the morning

Posted on June 29, 2022


I look forward to every day. And this isn’t because I have a big purpose in my life, it is because of the simple joys I feel every morning.

What I love about my mornings:

toby and coffee mugs


We bought these pretty mugs as souvenirs on last year’s trip to Vermont. Every time I use one, I think of our fun and relaxing vacation.

Somehow our beloved little Toby got in on the action here. πŸ™‚

yummy peach


I love, love, love peaches. They are especially good when mixed in my morning oatmeal. Trader Joe’s has fabulous peaches at a great price.

our guys

Our guys.

When I see their cute smiling faces, I can’t help but smile. I am also reminded of our fabulous London vacation.


Our chipmunks.

Anyone with a pet knows their antics can make your day. I did have some “moments” with our chipmunk, Shorty Pants, since she managed to eat all the blossoms off of my Gerber daisy. But, I have forgiven her and now we are the best of friends. She even eats peanut treats out of my hands.

What do you look forward to every morning?