Your weekly dose of cuteness

Posted on May 18, 2022


baby chipmunks

We had very exciting news at the Loderick household this week. We had not one, but two litters of baby chipmunks! Baby CC, who lives in the front, had 3 little ones. And Shorty Pants, who lives in the back, had 4 little ones. They are just too cute. The babies remind me of puppies or kittens, since they love to crawl all over each other. It isn’t until they get older that they chase each other away.

This picture is of the 4 little darlings in the back. The ones in the front are somewhat camera-shy.

Mr. Ken and I spent most of the day Sunday and Monday watching these cute little guys. We sure are getting our steps in since we have to walk from the front door to the back door to keep track of both litters. 

What things of cuteness have you seen this week?