Pandemic perspectives

Posted on February 16, 2022


Our worlds have been turned upside down from this never-ending Pandemic. I always try to see the bright side of things though. Some recent experiences made me laugh.

free covid test kit

Free for all

Yep, I was very excited to order and receive the “free” rapid Covid test kits. (Er, they aren’t really free though, are they since our tax dollars paid for them.) Now let’s hope I never have to use it.

potato chips

Oh happy days

So I was in my favorite store, Trader Joe’s, last week. I was very happy since the potato chips I love were back in stock. They had been out of stock the past few weeks. I was so happy in fact that I bought 4 bags. As I was checking out, the very friendly cashier commented, “Oh, it looks like you are getting ready for the Super Bowl.” I sheepishly admitted that all these bags were for me (and Ken.) I just love these potato chips, they are one of my few enjoyments these days so I wanted to be sure that we have a good supply.

As an added bonus, if you look closely at the bottom of the picture, you will see Mr. Ken’s legs as he takes the picture.


Where in the world is kale?

I did have some moments of panic since kale is getting hard to find. I can’t believe that there is a run on kale. After all, only about 2 people in the world actually eat kale. Maybe it was on those freight trains in Los Angeles where gangs have been known to steal boxes and boxes of stuff. Hmmm, some how I don’t think that is the case. Or maybe it is in one of the truck convoys that is blocking the Canadian-US border. Again, don’t think we import kale from Canada. We’ll just put it down to a mystery.


Celebrate the small victories

Yep, that is a picture of a mop. My dear friend Lisa and I have daily conversations. We are trying to keep our spirits up and so we celebrate the small victories. The latest victory was that she ordered a mop from Amazon so she could better clean her floors. When she called to tell me this, I was excited. Suddenly, we both stopped talking and started laughing. If this were “normal” times, I don’t think we would be so excited about a mop.

So what about you? What Pandemic adventures or perspectives do you have to share?

Covid test kit, potato chips and kale photos are courtesy of Mr. Ken, photographer extraordinaire.

Mop photo is courtesy of Jos Dielis under Open Verse licensing.