Yet more Pandemic tales

Posted on January 19, 2022


As we enter the second year of the Pandemic, time seems to slow down. And, once again, I find myself doing and thinking things that I would not have dreamed of before the Pandemic.

mail loop

Having lots of time to look at stuff

Since Omicron is raging, I am even more reluctant to go into a store. So, I buy even more things online. It can be fun to peruse different websites. Except, after I order something, I am literally checking every few hours to see the shipping status. I had to laugh at a recent purchase tracking history:


11 am – accepted at Brattleboro VT

9 pm – accepted at Nashua NH

11 pm – departed Nashua NH


1 am – arrived at Boston MA

7:30 am – arrived at Needham MA

5:00 pm – arrived at Boston MA


6:45 am – departed Boston MA

7:30 am – arrived Needham MA

I was starting to get concerned since this little package seemed to be going in an endless loop between Boston and Needham. Would it ever land where it was supposed to?

Back in the good old days, I wouldn’t have given the tracking a second thought. I order something and presto a few days later it shows up at my door.


Having lots of time to worry about stuff

Sigh, back in the good old days, I didn’t give food shopping a second thought. I went to the store when we needed something. But these days, getting ready to go to the store is an adventure in itself. Shopping list, face masks, chlorox wipes, and Plan B are all part of the preparation.

I was planning my weekly trip to Trader Joe’s. I never get a good night sleep before this big adventure since I worry about what it will be like going to the store. I keep trying to talk sense into myself: if there is a line to get in or the store is too busy, I can just come back another day. And this trip was mainly to buy broccoli. Hah, if I can’t buy broccoli, is that a bad thing?

What new habits have you picked up?

Endless loop photo is from Circle of Life by ChinPo, under Openverse license.

Worry photo is from David Blackwell, under Openverse license.