Road tripping in Vermont – Chester Fall Festival

Posted on October 27, 2021


Saturday of our week in VT was the most fun day of the week for us as we attended the Chester Fall Festival in Chester, VT. It’s been held for 40 years and is very popular with local residents and visitors alike. It was a gorgeous fall day and we enjoyed the many vendors, farm animal displays, food trucks and live music. I even ate a hot dog for lunch! We loved the “Moover” shuttle bus that was painted like a cow! It was the perfect way to spend our last full day in Vermont. Never fear, we’ll definitely be back!

There were lots of vendors selling mostly hand made items.

downtown Chester VT

That’s me in the pink shirt wearing my big hat!

Chester VT Fall Festival

A wonderful place to enjoy the food from the food trucks. We had hot dogs and a big cup of cookie dough ice cream.

picnic at Chester VT Fall Festival

The gentleman standing on the back of the truck (center of photo) was reciting some pretty entertaining poetry as folks enjoyed their food.

poet at Chester VT Fall Festival

Ken may sell his lawn mower and hire these guys to take care of his lawn!

goats at Chester VT Fall Festival

You gotta love a bus that’s painted like a cow!

Chester VT cow bus

What are your experiences with country fairs? I’d love to hear about it!