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Posted on February 17, 2021


Nancy Drew puzzle

We have all had to adjust our lives during this Pandemic. I am excited to have rediscovered doing puzzles. My dear friend, Lisa, gave me a puzzle for Christmas that featured the book covers from Nancy Drew mysteries. Ah, some of my favorite books!

I was a little sad starting this puzzle because it made me miss my parents.

  • I used to do puzzles with my Mom, especially in her later years when she was less mobile. We spent many happy hours, sitting together in companionable silence, while doing puzzles.
  • I used to have special Saturday outings with my Dad. Each week, he would take me to the local bookstore and I could pick out a book. Needless to say, every week I picked out a Nancy Drew mystery.

I love doing puzzles, especially during these trying times. Why:

  • I am totally immersed in putting the pieces together and you don’t have room in your brain to think about anything else.
  • I get a great sense of accomplishment in seeing the finished product. Actually, even just putting a few pieces together gives me satisfaction.
  • Mr. Ken is enjoying the puzzles too. He is very good a puzzles because he is so detailed oriented, plus he is good at spatial things.

I enjoyed the Nancy Drew puzzle so much, that I went online and ordered 4 more puzzles. Luckily, puzzles are back in stock. When the Pandemic first started, puzzles, like a lot of other things, quickly sold out.

We can’t wait to try the new puzzles. They are pictures of:

  • a lake house. This makes us think about summer vacation.
  • peaceful mountain scene. This makes us think about our trips to New Hampshire and Vermont.
  • donuts. Mr. Ken’s favorite food, need I say more?
  • quaint village. This makes us think about simpler and happier times.
new puzzles

What new hobbies have you discovered (or re-discovered)?