Spring is coming!

Posted on March 4, 2020


Lately, the cold and dark winter days have affected my energy. I don’t know if it’s because I’m older or what. Thus, I look for every little sign of spring. And even in early March, there are plenty of signs!

spring is coming

1. Fresh flowers.

Okay, so one can buy fresh flowers all year long, but Mr. Ken bought this cute little flowering plant for our cute little bears, Sir Oliver and Sir Angus. The little flowers are almost as cute as our little bears!

morning sun
2. Mornings are brighter.

I am noticing that it is light out at 6:15 am and this makes it so much easier to get up.

evening sun

3. Afternoons last longer.

I also notice it is light at 5 pm. Since I am such a morning person, I am usually quite sleepy by 4 pm, but I am especially so In mid-December, when it is pitch black by 4:15 or so.

What signs of spring have you noticed?

Morning sun photo is courtesy of Criss Cross Trails by Acid Zebra, under Creative Commons licensing.

Evening sun photo is courtesy of Tomylees, under Creative Commons licensing.