The London adventure – Part 7

Posted on November 20, 2019


Oh no, another post about London. I’ve had to resort to posting mainly pictures this week since I have been swamped with my project work. (And Mr. Ken hasn’t done anything funny lately for me to write about.)

I still miss London and wish we were back there. I have to say our trip to London was one of our best vacations ever. It will be tough to beat.

1. Walking in Charles Dickens’ footsteps.

We took lots of guided walking tours and it was an awesome way to really get to know London. One of our favorite was the tour that took us where Charles Dickens lived and worked. It was so interesting to see some old buildings, cemeteries, stone markers tucked in between some very modern skyscrapers. Our tour guide was fabulous; he was a Shakespearean actor by trade and he really made history come alive.

actor giving Charles Dickens tour

I am still amazed at all the beautiful old churches in England. This little gem was tucked away next to a hospital.

beautiful old church

2. British royalty.

And, more royalty! My most favorite thing about London was Buckingham Palace. I just loved the pageantry and the beauty. I loved seeing the changing of the guards.

changing of guards at buckingham palace

Loved seeing the beautiful gardens in front of Buckingham Palace.

beautiful gardens at Buckingham Palace

It is so much fun to look at these pictures and relive our time in London. I am especially excited since Season 3 of the Crown is coming soon! I will get my “British fix.” This is even more exciting because we saw Season 3 being filmed when we were in London. They were filming on the street in front of Buckingham Palace.

How do you relive your memorable vacations?