The London Adventure – Part 2

Posted on September 25, 2019


Hello again. It’s time for the second installment of our London adventures. I know you all can’t wait. 🙂

mind the gap on tube

1. Mind the gap.

I just love the English accents! Of course, the English would say that we Americans have the accent, not them. I swear, I could listen to someone reading the phone book with that delightful accent and it would be nice.

Mr. Ken and I used the tube (aka “subway”) a lot during our stay. I was so proud of myself, since even though I was directionally challenged, I was able to guide us all around London. We always managed to end up where we were supposed to.

The public service announcements on the tube are so nice and civilized. My favorite, by far, was “Mind the gap between the train and the platform.” And in case you forget, this message is printed on almost every train platform. I think our fellow tube riders could tell we were tourists because I exclaimed “I love this announcement” every time I heard it. I don’t think fellow Londoners are quite as excited about this.

the smiling queen

2. Love the English!

I did a lot of reading before our trip and the one thing I took away was that the British people are a lot more reserved than Americans. We found that Londoners were very, very friendly and helpful. I can’t tell you how many times Mr. Ken and I were the “clueless tourists,” standing on a street corner, with the map unfolded, trying to make sense of the labyrinth of London streets. Invariably, some kind stranger would stop and ask us if they could help.

And, no, we didn’t actually see the Queen. She was away at her summer palace, Balmoral. It was actually a good thing she was since we were able to have a rather extensive tour of Buckingham Palace.

We even had a delightful conversation with a barrister (that’s what some of the London lawyers are called) on the Tube. He saved us from taking the wrong train and ending up in Wimbledon, when all we wanted to do was return to Notting Hill!

look right look left

3. Vive la difference.

The English drive on the opposite side of the road that most of the world. Huh, and I thought all of Europe did this. Nope, it’s just the English. Well, luckily on every street corner, there are reminders as to which way to look painted on the pavement. And for those of us who have trouble telling our right from our left, there are arrows to help. Even so, I had to stop and tell myself to look right AND left before crossing.

Sir Oliver

4. My very favorite souvenir.

Every trip away needs a souvenir, or two or three to complete it. My very favorite souvenir is this little guy, aptly named, “Sir Oliver.” I bought him at Buckingham Palace. He is dressed as one of the Palace Guards. Note the beaver skin hat.

The smiling queen is from The Evening Standard.