Password blackhole

Posted on June 5, 2019


password blackhole

So I went to sign into my account the other day. I got one of those dreaded messages, “Time to change your password. Click here to get sent a re-set link.” Darn it, I don’t want to change my password since my cvs one is one of the few I actually remember. But I didn’t have a choice.

The reset link comes to my email account and I dutifully click it and am brought to a page that says, “what is the name of your first pet?” What?????? I never had a pet and do NOT remember having this security question for my account. I am usually pretty good about documenting this stuff. Annoyed, I start to put in names. But after 3 incorrect tries, I am informed that I am locked out of my account. Darn it. The CVS sale ends this day!

I try calling the phone number listed on the website and also listed in the password reset email. Guess what? It’s the wrong number!!!!!! The number is for Caremark/CVS which from I gather after being on hold for 10 minutes is for prescriptions. I finally get through to a customer service rep and she gives me the correct number to call.

So I call this number and am put into voicemail h*ll. Finally, I get a real person, who turns out to be very nice and helpful. Except the first question she asks me is, “What is the name of your first pet.” Am I in the twilight zone? I carefully explain to her that I have no idea. Fortunately, she is able to verify my account. She also offers to stay on the line with me to make sure I can reset my password.

Now on the to password reset screen. When I type in my password, which has to be a very cryptic long combination of letters, numbers and symbols. All I see when I type it is,
“**************.” Another stupid security thing. I have to retype my password, but how the heck can I be sure I am typing the same thing?

This password security thing has gone WAY too far. As a result, I post all my passwords in a prominent place near my computer.

What about you? Any tales of password mishaps?

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