Ting, ting, ting

Posted on March 20, 2019


This sounds like a bell chiming doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. Rather it is the name of my new cellular network. Leave it to my dear Mr. Ken to find the best and cheapest network, along with the best smart phone. The phone is a Blu (android) and it does everything an iPhone does, except I didn’t have to spend $800 dollars for it! Okay, so it’s not totally cool like an iPhone, but it does the trick.

Mr. Ken led the way and is very happy with his phone and Ting network. Ting network actually uses the networks of the major carriers, so there is no difference.

So Mr. Ken orders me a new phone. We go to my Amazon page and low and behold all we see are pictures of exercise DVDs and exercise clothes. Mmmm, Amazon knows me pretty well since this is pretty much all I order off of Amazon.

I’m thinking this will be a simple process. I get the phone, call Ting and activate it and then press the phone’s “on” button. Wrong!

The phone finally arrives. Oh happy day!

the new toy


But that’s not all, a separate box arrives with this stuff. Mr. Ken is mumbling about coaxial processors and data cards.  What?????  He immediately absconds with everything upstairs. What the heck is he doing to my phone? Is he added donut apps to it? No, it turns out he has to insert the SIM card (don’t ask, I have no idea what this is).


ting stuff

Everyone wants to put their network carrier on their car, right? That’s what that Ting sticker is for.

That nifty little envelope is what the sim card came in. That cute little thing that looks like a paper clip is what you use to put the sim card into the phone.

Is the phone ready yet? No. Mr. Ken is setting parameters. Okay.

Finally he turns the phone over to me. He has managed to change the wallpaper so it is a picture of him.

mr ken selfie

Now what? How do I actually make a phone call? It turns out you have to “swipe” not punch buttons. So not intuitive for me. I keep punching the phone.

I am slowly getting used to my new toy. The screen is much bigger than my old phone so I am not constantly squinting to see the words.

I think it’s time to install Candy Crush on my phone. . .