The power of a phone call

Posted on November 2, 2016


power of a phone call

As I have gotten older, I have come to really appreciate the simple things in life. Like the power of a nice phone call. October has been a tough month for me, it is the month of my Mother’s birthday and also my birthday. I have been feeling a bit melancholy.

October is a busy month and my Harvard consulting project starts up in full force. For the past few years, I invariably had a project meeting in Cambridge on my birthday. My dear Mother always insisted that I stop by her house after my meeting though so that she could give me my birthday present on my actual birthday. Although she was housebound for the last few years of her life, she always gave me nice, thoughtful presents. She was very good at ordering things over the telephone!

I celebrated my birthday with Mr. Ken and two of my cousins. We went to lunch at the Wayside Sudbury Inn, of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow fame. It is in the country and the ride out there was glorious.

Later that afternoon, my best friend, Lisa, called me to wish me “Happy Birthday.” I love talking to her because she always makes me laugh. It was a perfect ending to a rather bittersweet day. Thank you Lisa! 🙂

What simple things give you joy?

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