Trolls – the good kind

Posted on June 29, 2016


the troll family

I am very sorry that trolls have a bad reputation. As a child, I played with trolls and they were some of my favorite toys.

Here is my collection, saved from the junk man. Of course, I had to bring these to my home. Although, I am not sure Mr. Ken was as excited as I was to rediscover these.

The biggest troll with the orange hair is called Yahudi. Don’t ask me why, that’s just what I decided his name to be.

There are lots of stories behind my trolls.

favorite trolls

Note the carefully braided hair on some of the trolls. I always had short hair (thanks to Mom) and never had the chance to braid my own hair.

The medium troll in the black dress with yellow hair is named Lisa, in honor of my best friend Lisa. This was originally her troll, but unfortunately for her (but lucky for me), she was allergic to the troll hair so she reluctantly had to give up her troll. As a small consolation, I named her “Lisa.” And, I let the real Lisa visit the “Lisa” troll whenever she wanted. Of course, she had to visit her at a distance since if she got too close, she would immediately launch into a sneezing fit. To this day, she reminds me of the fact that she was so nice to give up her troll to me. πŸ™‚

Note the little lavender-haired troll. She was my favorite because lavender was my favorite color. I wanted to paint my room lavender, but that idea was quickly squashed by both Mom and Dad. There was this cute little gift shop in a nearby town. I used to love to go in there to browse. And wonder of wonders, they had an entire collection of little trolls. Guess what I spent my allowance on that year?

The troll with multi-colored hair is a fairly recent addition. Way back in the dark ages, when Mr. Ken and I were dating, I happened to mention to him about my love of trolls. Well, Mr. Ken being the kind person he is, presented me with a troll on our next date. Who says romance is dead? Note the little cotton earplugs. I used to do step aeorobics very early in the morning and must have had the music up loud, since Mr. Ken could hear it. He did not appreciate being woken up at 5:00 am to hip hop music. I don’t know why?

What childhood toys bring back happy memories for you?