Dodging the snow bullet

Posted on January 27, 2016


So I live in New England.  So we get snow in New England.  Last year we broke a record for snowfall; we got something like 108 inches total.  There was a blizzard warning for this past weekend and let’s just say us New Englanders were having deja vu about snow.

Well, instead of this:

blizzard front yard view
blizzard backyard view

We got this:

house in snow
snow and bird bath in back yard

Just enough snow to make it look pretty. For those eagle eyed-folks out there. The blizzard pictures were taken at my Mom’s house. The latest snow pictures were taken at my house.

Even better, by Tuesday, it was 47 degrees and the snow was melting.

So that’s it for this week.  I usually get inspiration for my blog posts when I am out and about.  I have my dear friend Susan to thank for the idea behind today’s post.

For my blogging friends, where do you get inspiration for your blogs?