Random thoughts on a day spent in Boston

Posted on June 10, 2015

Because of my consulting work, I have had to spend many days in Boston. I love going into the city. I have a whole fun routine for these days. I get up insanely early and exercise; I then take the train into Boston.

I forgot a book this time, so I was doing a lot of people watching. I didn’t want to creep people out by staring at them, so I was looking down. When you look down, you see a lot of shoes. My, what a parade of shoes I saw! Sneakers, flip flops, sandals, pointed toe men’s shoes; I saw it all. I must say, Boston has earned its reputation for not being very fashionable.

sneakers on trainflip flops on train

sandals and socks on trainpointed shoes on train

Today, I had an event at the Massachusetts Statehouse. Mmm, in spite of growing up in Massachusetts, I have never been to the Statehouse. You would think I would have had a school field trip or two, but no. There was lots going on this day. Protests from the film industry since tax credits for films were being cut. Who knew Massachusetts had so many people involved in the film industry? I was doing some research on this and discovered that “extras” are hired for protests like these. So not everyone is actually working in the film industry. Some are paid protestors.

A sad reflection on our life today, post-911, is the level of security and screening required to get into public buildings. Of course, something on my body set of the metal detector, so I was asked to step aside. I couldn’t even take my purse with me; I had to leave it on the conveyor belt! So, I kept my head tilted so I could keep an eye on my purse so someone wouldn’t walk off with it. The security police guy was about 7 feet tall and he quickly moved the wand thingie over me and gave me the all clear.

My event was held in the Hall of Flags. Who knew that every town in Massachusetts has their own flag? I sure didn’t. I looked and I looked and I looked, but I couldn’t see my home town flag. I wonder what it looks like.

mass state house hall of flags

The Statehouse is old, with wide corridors, high ceilings and marble floors. It is quite impressive.

I even had the good fortune to run into an old colleague at the event. It was fun to catch up.

After the event, I walked back to the train station through Boston Garden. Lots of activity going on here too. Sadly, there were lots of homeless people, something you never used to see so often.

mass state house and boston common

All in all, a fun, invigorating and inspiring day. I am even inspired to go back to the Statehouse and take an official tour.

Have you had any fun days lately? I would love to hear about them.

Colorful sneakers photo courtesy of Fashionable Housewives of USA.
Flip flop photo courtesy of Gallery of Flip Flops.
Sandals and socks photo courtesy of Humbert15 Flickr Photostream.
Pointed toe men’s shoes photo courtesy of Ebay.
Boston Common and State House photo courtesy of Hylbom Family Ancestry Project.