Finding joy in simple things

Posted on May 15, 2013


joy in simple things
We’ve all heard it said that the simple things are the best. I’m finding this to be true more and more. We all are busy; we all are overwhelmed by technology. It’s time to stop, take a deep breath and look around you. Find the beauty and peace in your surroundings and inside you.

So my hip is not really any better. This means I can’t do my walking. As much as I love Insanity and weight training, I love walking the best. It was how I kept myself centered. I have come to terms with this. Now I am having some other health problems which prevent me from doing the other exercises that I love. This all became irrelevant yesterday.

My dear husband returned from his walk yesterday with a sprig of lilac. I love lilacs! They remind me of my grandmother, who lived on a farm and had lilac bushes growing in all around her house. I consider them to be an old-fashioned flower and they bring back happy memories of my childhood.

My husband knows I love lilacs and he know I’m going through some rough times right now. This simple gesture of the lilac sprig meant more to me than any expensive gift or fancy flower arrangement.

The lilac, pictured above, is front and center in our family room. It is in a pretty glass vase that my husband bought me when we were dating.

What I learned from this simple, yet beautiful gesture:

* It’s the little things that bring joy.
* We make our own happiness.

Have you found joy in something simple?