Random thoughts while out driving

Posted on April 3, 2013


random thoughts while driving
Lots to do today with a tight timeframe. Insurance paperwork needing to be done. Not fun.

As I started my day, I began to look forward to it. I love being organized and blasting through my To Do List. For a moment, I did feel guilty, thinking I shouldn’t be enjoying my errands or my time. I should be hunkering down, writing and looking for a job.

The guilt didn’t last though. I am doing important and necessary work today. There is no reason on earth why I can’t enjoy the journey.

My mind started to wander as I began my journey.

I pass Owens Poultry Farm, where we buy our turkeys for holiday dinners. Roast turkey dinners are my favorite.

I pass our favorite kayak launch. I can’t wait for kayak season. I need to feel that water and kayak zen.

I pass some runners. I love their fluorescent green tops. I have a twinge of sadness since my running days, such as they were, are over. My chronic hip bursitis has put an end to that. The twinge goes away since I am very happy and proud of my current fitness state.

I scowl at the 700 series BMW that is on my tail. I used to be totally intimidated by tailgaters, but now I am equally aggressive. To h*** with them, I will not get a speeding ticket. If they rear end me, it’s on their insurance, not mine.

I travel along very pleasant and scenic back roads. I think of my Dad, who loved to find back ways to places. I am at peace because I can finally think about him and not get really sad. (He passed away in 2003.)

I arrive at my destination, the Norwood Mass. Employment and Training Center. I have a lot of copies to make and it’s free to do so here. I love this place. It’s in an old school and it reminds me of being back in grammar school. I loved school.

At the Norwood place, I start thinking that I should sign up for some training classes. I love learning new things.

My mind is in full free flow. I mentally compose my latest Amazon.com review. I also compose this blog post.

So my reason for rambling like this is to illustrate that we all need to let our minds just go sometimes. Don’t try to reign in your thoughts. See where they lead you. You may be very pleasantly surprised.

The country road photo reminded me of my drive today.

Country road photo is courtesy of Freefotouk’s Flickr Photostream, under Creative Commons Licensing.