How a torn hip cartilage made me more creative

Posted on April 25, 2012


how to be more creativeI am sitting here, fidgeting away. I tore some cartilage in my hip and I can’t move as much as I would like. I could use this as an excuse to drown my sorrows in food or to be distracted from my job search. Instead, I’m rev’ed up and full of energy. Why?

How my torn hip cartilage has made me more creative:

1. Change your routine.
On Mondays I attend a Job Search Group in Norwood, MA. I love to go extra early so I can grab some coffee and then go for a long walk around Norwood. Norwood is awesome for walking because it has lots of sidewalks. For those of you who know me well, I am a health and fitness fanatic, who normally rages against McDonalds because of their fast food, which I consider to be poison. My frugality wins this one though, since a large Green Mountain coffee is only $1.00.

Since walking is out (er, I learned this the hard way), my options for killing time are limited. I ended up sitting in McDonalds enjoying my coffee. I also ended up writing drafts of 4 blog posts!

2. Sit still and think!
Well, if I have to sit still and not be distracted by taking a long walk or doing an intense spinning session, I can focus on other things.  That’s how all these blog post ideas came to me.

3. Change your mindset.
Sure, I could be depressed and mad about my injury, but I chose to view this as an opportunity. I am focusing on what I CAN do and not what I cannot do. I can do yoga, I can do upper body workouts, I can meditate, I can write, and the list goes on…

4. Practice patience.
This has been the hardest lesson so far. My hip was feeling better, so I started walking again. I was only walking 30 minutes or so, which is way less than my usual 90 minute walks. Big mistake, my hip is more sore than ever. I have finally learned my lesson!

5. Think of alternatives.
My writing is going gangbusters. I am also really focusing on healthy eating. My new thing is super foods and green foods. I swear I have more energy even after just one day.  By having to come up with alternatives, my mind is alive.

How have life circumtances enhanced your creativity?

Photo is courtesy of Marie Chantale-Sturgeon’s Flickr Photostream, under Creative Commons Licensing.

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