Find the wonder and change your life

Posted on January 26, 2012


find the wonder
A few days ago, I was pulling out of my garage. I was cranky and stressed, thinking about all the errands I had to do and wondering if I could finish them all in time. I also had to go over and shovel my Mom’s driveway and I was dreading that since I just shoveled a few days ago.

I happened to look out and I see my neighbor’s young son standing there. He was all bundled up and he looked like a mini-Michelin tire man. He also had a big smile on his face when he waved to me. I put down my window to say hi to him and he said, with glee, “Snow!” (He’s a person of few words.) As he blissfully walked around in circles in the snow, I couldn’t help but be happy at watching his joy and wonder.  His enthusiasm was catching and I found myself looking at the day with a whole new and more positive perspective.

I even enjoyed doing my errands. When I finally got to my Mom’s house, I savored every minute outside as I was shoveling. The snow was sparkling, the sun was shining and it was a glorious day!

This reminded me that we all need to stop and pause from our busy, crazy days and look around with wonder.

How can your perspective change when you look at life through the eyes of a child?

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