Career success tips from experts

Posted on December 14, 2010


career success tips
Gloria Larson, President of Bentley University, gave the closing keynote address at the The Successful You 2010 Women’s Leadership Forum.

She was then joined by Judith Giordan, Managing Director at Intangible Asset Finance and Professor of Practice at University of Southern Mississippi.

Their parting words of wisdom for us:

* Define your strengths and pair them with a purpose.
* Have a passion for your work.
* Connect – with peers, mentors and career sponsors
* Admit your mistakes. Learn from them. Practise positve framing.
* Develop your own distinctive ‘voice’
* Take risks
* It’s not about gaining power, but gaining influence
* Be optimistic.
* View setbacks as an opportunity, not a negative event.

I would also add that attending conferences like the Successful You is inspiring and can help you further your career and relationships.

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