Social Media resources

Posted on July 7, 2010

social media resourcesThe best way to learn social media is to jump in and do it! There are also lots of online resources available. I’ve listed some of my favorite ones here.

1. Hubspot.
Go to Hubspot and type “social media” in the search box. You’ll get a nice long list of Hubspot blog posts and “how to kits” on social media.

For example, there is an entire section devoted to Social Media Marketing.

Another interesting post is Learn how to leverage social media for your business.

2. Mashable.
Mashable is a top source for social media and technology news. The Mashable Social Media section has a wealth of information.

Two relevant posts, 5 Ways to Clean Up your Social Media Identity and Mashable’s Social Media Events Listing, are just a few examples of what you can find there.

3. Lifehacker. 
Lifehacker is a blog about how technology can make our lives easier. This site is great because the posts are written in plain English so anyone can understand it; it’s not for the super-geeks as the name might imply.

Go to Lifehacker and type “social media” in the search box to see the articles.

Social Media can be fun, but can also be a real time-sink. Here’s an article that might help Get productive with social media.

Who hasn’t been annoyed by emails. This post lists some common pet peeves, The worst email habits and annoyances you should avoid.

4. is a website filled with experts who write about anything and everything. The Internet for beginners section is particularly helpful. Type “social media” into the search box for a list of relevant articles.

For a clear and common sense approach to the Internet, check out Paul’s Internet for Beginners Blog.

Another interesting article is The Best Internet Radio Stations of 2010. Not only does this list radio stations, but also explains how you can share your tastes with others.

These are just a few of many online resources and articles about Social Media. Spend some time looking at these, as well as looking at other articles in these sites. You will learn something and probably have a few laughs in the process!