Fun definitions of technical terms – Part I

Posted on June 14, 2010


Do you ever feel like people are speaking another language when it comes to technology? I’m immersed in technology and I still get confused. Here is a list of some common technical terms and their definitions. To make it easier to remember the definitions, I’ve also included my memory tricks.


Cloud computing means the processing is done at a central place; resources are allocated only as needed. Electricity is an example. Google docs is another one.

cloud computingPicture clouds in the sky and envision this is where the processing takes place.


2. DIGG:

Digg is a website where people can share content from other sites so that others may find it.

digg itFor those you who are old enough to remember the 60’s, think of the term “I dig it,” which means “I like it.”



Ability to tag or show your exact location. Most cell phones now have GPS capabilities. The social application Foursquare is a great example; this allows you to ‘check-in’ at any location so your friends know where you are. Of course, I’m thinking why should anyone really care where you are minute to minute?

geotaggingThink of geography and you’ll remember location. For those Classics Majors, you’ll recall that the word ‘geo’ is the Greek term for earth or land.



The concept that people should be able to use any computer applications they want and access any Web content they want without any restrictions from their Internet provider. In April 2010, Comcast and AT&T won a federal appeal that blocks the Federal Communications Commission from forcing broadband providers to provide equal service to all Internet traffic on their networks.

net neutralityThink of Switzerland, a neutral country.



I’ve found it helpful have a visual when I hear these technical terms and I hope it helps you.

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