Can you really make money online?

Posted on December 16, 2009

make money online

The short answer is maybe. Will you become a millionaire? Probably not. Sure some folks have made a lot of money from the Internet, but they did a lot more than just set up an online presence.

How do you make money on the Internet?

    1. Selling a product or service.

    2. Placing ads on your website.

Hundreds of books are out there and they all tell you how to make easy money online. A quick Amazon search for make money online, showed 1,667 books.

I just finished reading “e-Riches 2.0” by Scott Fox. In this second book, Scott outlines all the online marketing tips and tactics you should use to get your product noticed. He talks about:

– websites
– social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn
– viral marketing
– blogs
– email
– RSS feeds.

Scott writes very clearly so that even a non-technical person can understand and implement these tactics.

But just because you’ve done all these things and have an online presence, doesn’t mean the money will just start rolling in. Chris Brogan, a top social media expert, says that even though his blog is one of the top rated ones, he doesn’t make any money on it. His blog gives him credibility and establishes him as an expert in his field. It also doesn’t hurt that he has a best-selling book, “Trust Agents.” He makes his money from speaking and consulting engagements.

What else do you need to do to make money online?

    1. Have a product or service that people want and that they are willing to pay for.

    2. Have lots of traffic to your website. This is much easier said than done. It helps to have written a best selling book.

In conclusion, you’re more likely to build credibility with a strong online presence, more so than make money.