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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

March 22, 2023


In Boston, where I live, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. I love celebrating holidays, no matter what the source. I love learning about different cultures. Except I’m not a fan of traditional Irish food. Mr. Ken is Irish. He loves to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by eating the traditional corned beef and cabbage […]

Sad commentary on our times

March 15, 2023


I usually write “feel good” posts so I can add a little sunshine to our rather gloomy times. But I just had to post this. On Sunday, Mr. Ken and I went to a classical music concert at a local high school. Now this school is in a very nice Boston suburb (not the town […]

Eek – a mouse!

March 8, 2023


So Mr. Ken inspects our basement every day. He claims he is looking for leaks, but I think he is eating donuts down there. The other day he comes back upstairs and says that there is some crumbling wall near the furnace. He thinks there may be a mouse living in the walls. Eek! Mr. […]

Snow joy

March 1, 2023


I live in New England. We get snow in the winter. But to hear the media talk about this latest snow, you would think it was an unusual as Southern California getting snow. Tuesday morning, I had a doctor’s appointment. Given the state of medical care these days, the appointment was made several months ago. […]

Adventures in healthy eating

February 22, 2023


I am inspired by this healthy eating kick. So I went to Trader Joes and bought: – avocado – sea salt – refried beans – organic spinach – organic low fat yogurt. I have a half-baked idea that I will blend all of these items together to make a healthy something. 1. Avocado. Avocado has […]

Super Bowl alternatives

February 15, 2023


I am not a football fan. Even when the New England Patriots played in the Super Bowl, I just couldn’t get into it. I suppose I enjoyed football when I was a cheerleader (way back in my junior high school days.) But even then, I couldn’t grasp the concept. We had this neat cheer we […]

The people around us

February 8, 2023


In all of my exercise classes, the instructor gently urges us to “be in the present moment.” Yes, even the instructors for the more strenuous sessions say this. I understand the concept, but the execution can be challenging. I find it easy to be in the moment if I am out in nature, or if […]

The view from a window

February 1, 2023


It’s amazing what you notice when you slow down and really pay attention to your surroundings. Mr. Ken and I live in a suburb of Boston. It is a very nice suburb but, like most of the surrounding areas, it is quite built up, with not a lot of green space. Mmm, I think that […]

Geeks, geeks and more geeks

January 25, 2023


I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at this. The other day I came downstairs and hear Mr. Ken talking to his twin brother. Except he was holding his phone and had earphones on and was using the earphones to talk with his brother. I wonder if he used an NDSI card in those earphones? Sigh, […]

Return of the geeks

January 18, 2023


My dear Mr. Ken loves donuts and chipmunks. He also loves technology. He claims to never have had a pocket protector, but I know better. There must be one floating around our house somewhere. The other day, he was in his office, very focused on his computer screen. I asked him a question and no […]