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Your weekly dose of cuteness

May 18, 2022


We had very exciting news at the Loderick household this week. We had not one, but two litters of baby chipmunks! Baby CC, who lives in the front, had 3 little ones. And Shorty Pants, who lives in the back, had 4 little ones. They are just too cute. The babies remind me of puppies […]

The wait is over

May 11, 2022


So our beloved Toby loves hummingbirds. He has been anxiously awaiting their arrival back from South America, where they winter. (Yes, these teeny, tiny birds fly all the way to and from South America.) Well, the little birds have arrived. Toby is happy watching them come to the feeder. If you look closely at the […]

Not quite ready to leave the house yet

May 4, 2022


As the Covid news gets a bit better, it should be time to venture out more. At least for some of us who have been hermits for the past two years. Last Sunday, Mr. Ken and I went to a talk at our local library. I was a little bit nervous going there since the […]

Finding my inner artist

April 27, 2022


So Mr. Ken and I came home from our weekly hike and I was excited to see two packages from Amazon awaiting us. Mr. Ken looked at me and said, “What did you order from Amazon this time?” I replied, “Um, I can’t remember.” And then Mr. Ken gave me another look. You all know […]

The guys are back

April 13, 2022


Our beloved little friends, Sir Oliver, Toby and Sir Angus are back with a very special message for Mr. Ken. It was Mr. Ken’s birthday earlier this week. Happy birthday to my dear husband. 🙂 A special thanks for one of Mr. Ken’s friends for photoshopping this image.

Reflections during a hike

April 6, 2022


Mr. Ken and I are very happy that we are able to enjoy nature at our favorite lake. During the Pandemic, it was too crowded, but now it is not. Yay. Unfortunately Mr. Ken recently broke his wrist and he has to wear a brace. At least it is not a cast. To his credit, […]

The world’s oldest gangsta’

March 30, 2022


Covid restrictions are less and less these days. Even Mr. Ken and I have ventured out of our house more. We are happy to be able to hike around our favorite lake, which is also where we kayak. When everything was shut down and people were at home, this place got very crowded. We went […]

It’s Peep time!

March 23, 2022


One of the hardest things about this 2 year Pandemic has been the lack of Peeps. The Peeps factory in Bethelem PA shut down for a while so there were no Peeps to be found anywhere. What a tragedy. I was so happy when the factory reopened in March, 2021. I immediately went out and […]

Tea time!

March 16, 2022


So our little friends, Sir Oliver, Sir Angus and Toby, are proud UK citizens. They have adjusted well to life “across the pond,” here in the good old U.S.A. Although Sir Oliver misses having peas with every meal, Sir Angus misses his kippers and Toby misses his little Corgi friends at Buckingham Palace. Occasionally, we […]

It is “BearTime”

February 23, 2022


Sir Oliver, Sir Angus and Toby are very concerned about their beloved Queen’s health after hearing that she tested positive for COVID. They wish they were back home so they could cheer her up! They decided that the second best thing would be to post this photo on Nancy’s blog and hope that it goes […]