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Think Spring, think happy!

March 11, 2020


With all the frightening news about the coronavirus, I thought it would be nice to think happy thoughts. Flowers always make me happy and hyacinths are some of my favorite flowers. So think Spring and think happy!

Spring is coming!

March 4, 2020


Lately, the cold and dark winter days have affected my energy. I don’t know if it’s because I’m older or what. Thus, I look for every little sign of spring. And even in early March, there are plenty of signs! 1. Fresh flowers. Okay, so one can buy fresh flowers all year long, but Mr. […]

Hah – I feel vindicated!

February 26, 2020

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Yes, so I grew up with technology and thought I was quite comfortable with it. That is until the Smartphone arrived. I still am amazed that the computing power of a phone is greater than that of the first computer, which was the size of a first floor in a house! I had my phone […]

It really is the little things

February 19, 2020


So, it really is the little things in life that make a difference. President’s Day Weekend always brings me back to right before Mr. Ken and I had our first date, many, many, many years ago. I was working at a very stressful job in New York City. There wasn’t much joy in my life. […]

Watching the birds

February 12, 2020


So far, so good with my New Year’s resolution to be more “in the moment.” As I sit and eat, I often gaze out the window and enjoy watching the birds come to our bird feeder. The other day, a beautiful young, male cardinal stopped by for a meal. I was mesmerized watching him; he […]

What do you need?

February 5, 2020


Talk about a big question. Many times, we are very good at disliking and avoiding the very things we need most. Be it public speaking, eating healthy or something else. I got to thinking about this when I was doing some exercise. On a very simple level, I need to do more stretching. I do […]

Sir Oliver and Sir Angus

January 29, 2020

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There’s been more excitement at our house! I’d like to introduce everyone to Sir Angus, who is Sir Oliver’s cousin from Scotland! He’s part of the piper guard that protects the Royal family at their Balmoral estate in Scotland. Yes, he plays the bagpipes sometimes! Note his very sharp uniform including the official plaid kilt! […]

Going back in time

January 22, 2020


So Mr. Ken and I, in our attempt to get out more in the winter, decided to go to the movies. Being the cheap, er frugal folks that we are, we looked for bargains. The regular movie theaters now charge $20.00 for a movie ticket! What??? I remember when movie tickets were $7.00. I guess […]

What do you take for granted?

January 15, 2020

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I try to live a life of gratitude, but sometimes things get away from me. I notice that I take things for granted and only realize it when those things are taken from me. My ongoing experience with foot pain has served as a reminder. Maybe this time, I will learn my lesson. I try […]

Seeing my hometown through new eyes

January 8, 2020


Because of all my foot angst, I have had to drastically cut back on my walking. I still prevail a little bit though. I no longer take walking for granted and I savor every step. Even when I walk the same route, there is always something new and interesting to see. I thought I would […]