The things we do for love

Posted on August 5, 2015


car oil

This past Saturday, I was very busy up in my office. I was on my computer doing very important stuff. Well actually, I was perusing YouTube and looking for more Jessica Smith videos that included her adorable French bull dog, Peanut.

Mr. Ken, yells up the stairs, “I need you to come outside quickly.”

I jump up from my chair, thinking there’s a fire or something outside. Instead, I see my car, with the hood up. Mr. Ken hands me a funnel and says that I must hold it just so. He mumbles something about a good sale on oil, so he bought the GIGANTIC size.

The car smells. It is hot outside. My hands are getting dirty. Mr. Ken is pouring the oil so sloooooowly, about one drop was going into the funnel at a time. I guess that’s better than it all coming out all over my hands. Yuck and double yuck.

Our neighbor,
who is relaxing with a cool drink next door, yells over, “Is everything okay over there? Do you need any help?”

I wanted to answer, “Yes, please come over here. You may enjoy holding this funnel thingie more than I will. I think this is definitely man’s work.” So much for equality of the sexes. Some things are just too messy for girls.

But, Mr. Ken beat me to it, answering, “No, thank you. We are fine.”

Finally, after what seemed like an hour. (In reality it was probably about 5 minutes.) Mr. Ken stops pouring and lets me take the funnel away.

Mmm, maybe I can get him to come to a fitness conference with me in return. As long as there is food around, I think Mr. Ken will go anywhere. 🙂

Oil can photo is courtesy of David Michalczuk’s Flickr Photostream, under Creative Commons Licensing.

Heart photo is courtesy of Andrea’s Flickr Photostream, under Creative Commons licensing.