What’s new for the new year?

Posted on December 31, 2014


new year promise

It’s that time of year — time for making resolutions and setting goals for the new year. So are you ready? I’ve decided to do something different this year; instead of making a long list of serious goals and serious resolutions, I’m keeping it simple.

For 2015 my goals are:

    1. Perform acts of kindness daily.

    This can mean taking care of my Mom, which I love doing. This can also mean random acts of kindness.

    2. To express gratitude daily.

    It’s all too easy to get caught up in all I don’t have. On the other hand, I am very blessed in all areas of my life.

    3. To nourish my soul daily.

    For me, this means spending quiet time in prayer and meditation. I am also very active in my church community. I plan to spend more time reading the Bible. I am constantly amazed at how something written so long ago can have such deep and relevant meaning for us today.

    4. To nourish my mind daily.

    This can mean anything from learning something new each day, or just getting lost in a good book.

    5. To nourish my body daily.

    This means enjoying life with fun activities and good food. I’ve learned that exercise doesn’t have to be intense to be effective. Sure there is nothing like a heart pounding cardio session, but my month long barre rotation gave me awesome results too.

    This means enjoying food. And not just the healthy food. When I eat my Peeps or a cupcake, I vow to enjoy every bite!

I’ve slowly learned over the years that if I feel good about myself, I can more easily give of myself to others.

So what about you? What will you be doing in the new year?