Life with a car guy

Posted on May 1, 2013


Ken with new car
My dear husband is a car guy. I’m not.

My view of cars:

* A means to get from Point A to Point B
* As long as no loud noises are heard from the car, it’s good to go.

I should also mention that I drive a ’97 Toyota Camry. In a year or so, I will ‘inherit’ my Mom’s car, a ’06 Toyota Corolla. I will not need to think about cars for a while.

How do I know Ken is a car guy? Here are some hints:

* He carries pictures of every single car he’s owned in his wallet. He claims he also has some pictures of me, but I’m not so sure.

* Guess who is out washing his car all year round? Even when the temperature is below freezing, he’s out there.

* If we ever got car jacked and the thief says, “Your car or your wife.” Guess who would be going with the car jack guy?

He recently bought a new car. He deserved it since his last car was 17 years old. So we go to the car dealers. This is about the 4th time Mr. Ken had been back to look at ‘his’ car. The salesman and Ken spent 30 minutes discussing the absolute necessity of the chrome ejector thingie hanging out the back of the car. To me, it looked like a piece of tin foil folded around the exhaust pipe, but what do I know?

Ken with old Subaru
Of course, the old Subaru couldn’t be sold to just anyone. He sold it to his favorite garage. Before we went to pick up the new car, I drove him to the garage and Mr. Ken seemed awfully subdued for someone about to get a new toy. Once at the garage, the guy, who was also a car guy (of course he was, he works on cars for a living), offered to take a picture of Ken standing next to his old car. As you can see, the poor man is holding on for dear life. I don’t think he wants to let this car go.


The new car comes home and he is going to take me for a drive. I reach out my hand for the door and Ken says, “Be careful, don’t touch the door because you’ll get fingerprints on it.” Well, okay, but how am I supposed to open the door? He’ll probably make me wear gloves or something. I wonder if he’ll also make me take off my shoes before I get into the car. After all, we wouldn’t want to get dirt on the floor, now would we?

The color of the new car is Diamond White. So I think that since Ken got a diamond, I should get one too. Except my diamond will come from Tiffany’s.

Do you know any car guys?

The photo at the top of this post is Mr. Ken with his new toy.